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Nellie's Story

Nellie Rose Ragan

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Was born in Half Moon Bay California on September 13,1976 to John Ragan and Mary McDonnell, Irish immigrants who settled on a small farm on the California coast in 1870. According to family lore, lightning struck their home when causing a fire when Nellie was just a baby. Unfortunately, her father, John, died that night all while saving his family. The story goes that her mother Mary was swindled out of the insurance money and ended up bringing her three small children back to Massachusetts to be closer to her immigration sponsor. The three young children were separately placed into adoption, due to the fact that their mother could no longer provide enough care for them. 

In 1883, Nellie changed her name to Nellie Rose Porter after being adopted by Mary Evelina Churchill Porter, whom resided in Whitman, MA. In 1899, Nellie found love and married Myron Gould in East Bridgewater. Myron Gould was a good man who was a supervisor for the Commonwealth Shoe Factory in Whitman. Nellie and Myron where married for 30 years until Myron died in 1929. A few years later, in 1965, Nellie passed at 80 years old. All who knew her remember her as a soft spoken, sweet, and kind lady. 

Scott Gould, the owner of the establishment, is related.

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